Friday, December 6, 2013

Mind Control -Implants-Electromagnetic Pulses Through Your own TV-PC_Cell Phones!

This is what went on during the Montauk Project.

This is a lead-in to a story of a woman who I met online when I first started looking into mind control projects. I spoke to her through email at the time. A very nice lady. She did a few interview back then on small radio shows. She wrote a book called MILABS. These are Super Soldiers whose brains have been implanted with Chips. They can be switched on and off to do whatever their Controllers want them to do. They are dangerous and aggressive. There are videos on them too.

This woman was only a child the first time she went missing. It was on a visit to her grandfather's summer home on Montauk Beach Long Island. The video mentions a boy. He is Andrew Basiago. He does interviews and tells us all about his experience in the project which was renamed, project pegasus. There are plenty of mysteries to be discovered, and many secrets to be unveiled.

Flashback of reptilian with a tail, and men in fatigues! She realizes she really was missing 2 to 3 hours when her uncle told her he remembered that day. She goes to a doctor and gets the implant out of the back side of her ear. Something shoots out as the doctor cuts into her head. It looks like a bullet. She gets in touch with MUFON. The electromagnetic meter goes wild! That project was closed after lead psychic Duncan Cameron, fell asleep while sitting in the Montauk chair. He was having his brain waves, and imagery downloaded to a computer. The workers became complacent and left him there too long. He fell asleep.

During his sleep, he had a nightmare which manifested as a creature that destroyed the base. They closed that in 1983. If you go there now? There are signs on the ground's that say be careful if you see any unusual looking ordinances, don't touch them, bring it to our attention. Yes, because there is radioactive residual residue still leaching into the ground. I'm asking this. "Is there an extra high cancer rate in the Montauk long Island or, the Hampton's?"

She saw Preston Nichols videos and gets a flashback of her abduction. She goes back to the hypnotists. She goes deeper into the regression. Time is not what we think! Each moment is happening now on an endless loop. We can enter the loop at many points but, should take care not to disrupt the loop. The past, present, and future are happening simultaneously.

This is how they are doing it!

Do you know that Skype is the biggest listening device for the NSA? You already know smartphones, smart TV's and anything else that starts with the word Smart gets pinged back to the cell towers to the NSA (National Security Agency).

They upload the information into the satellites, send it down to the ground, it's amplified through Cellphone Towers, and even electric companies which over produce electricity and, dump it into the ground with carrier waves and this is how the population is completely a mind controlled program.